AF:   Awesome guy and fantastic service. John is very honest and upfront and has competitive prices! We will definitely return for our future auto needs!
AH:   A great place for quality service, and a very welcoming environment. I am very pleased to say that I will be returning.
HF:  There is this noise

What's it sound like?

A noise, coming from the back.

He laughs and says he will take a look.
Left it, and he figured it out fast and fix me right up!! My car rides like new!!
Two other places could not figure it out while John was reorganizing.
So glad you are back John!!
I love the way he treats me!!  I'm not a stupid female!
HH:  We had a hole in our tire, went in, John was VERY friendly and got us in right away to fix the issue as we were supposed to be going out of town. Best customer service and our tire has been great ever since.
MW:  I have been using John Willis as our family mechanic for years. Always greeted with a smile and friendly service. I know my cars will be fixed right and honestly. John has always been up front with the figures and how he got there. Great parts, competive prices and a family friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend him.
KT:  First time...very nice respectful guy...I understand everything that was wrong with my car place in town!!!
MAH:   Go to John for my auto needs, very friendly and great service. Highly recommend the new Eldo Auto
TK:  Always polite...always awesome work! No worries!
JP:  Best place to go very friendly and good people to get your vehicle repair responsible
CW:  Excellent work! Great prices!
CG:  John's an honest guy. I'd trust him any day. His only problem is my vehicle is pretty darn reliable so I rarely need work.
LE:   Eldo Auto is my go-to mechanic. I've tried several other mechanics in town and no one could figure out why my car was acting up until Eldo Auto. For several reasons, I decided to get a new car. They checked out my prospective new to me car when I was in the market and helped me make an informed choice by printing out the kelly blue book and telling me exactly what I was getting into. Their service is always top notch. They are friendly and knowledgable, a perfect combination. I've not had any issues with their work after the fact.
SP:   Dropped my Dodge Ram off Monday morning at EldoAuto to check on a leak. Fixed same day and had the truck back by 4:30. Recommend EldoAuto to anyone!
KS:    Great service, quick turn around time, honest! will use again!!
KBW; John and his crew got me back on the road quickly. I truly appreciate them.


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